2017 IEMSA Meeting Dates

2017 IEMSA Meeting Dates

Dates for our IEMSA Board meeting are:

We are traveling the state this year:


February 24, 2017  11:00 cst

Region 1 – –

Methodist Hospital, Southlake

8701 Broadway, Merrillville IN, 46410

May 5, 2017  11:00 est

Region 2 – –

Three Rivers Ambulance Authority

525 Hayden street.  Fort Wayne IN. 46802.

June 23, 2017  11:00 est  IEMSA Annual Meeting with voting

Trans-Care Ambulance Service

3820 Rockville Avenue, Indianapolis IN 46241

August 25, 2017 11:00 est

Region 3 – –

Wabash Township Fire Department

2899 Klondike Road, Station #1

West Lafayette, IN. 47906

October 27, 2017  11:00 est

Region 4 – – TBA

December 22, 2017  11:00 est

Region 5 – – TBA


All EMS personnel are welcome to attend and become involved in EMS.


Welcome to Indiana EMS Association

Though we may differ on individual ideas of what is best for EMS in Indiana, the IEMSA’s task is to form and communicate consensus on all EMS issues both before the EMS Commission and elected officials.

Our Association represents to the best of its ability EMS providers, technicians educators and sponsors across Indiana. This includes all government services, fire departments, hospital-based, and private services as well as profit and not-for-profit, ground ambulance, fixed wing and rotary winged EMS providers.

The Indiana EMS Association is active on many fronts at the same time. Our views and concerns have been well-represented before the Indiana Legislature during the just finished session and we are continuing our dialogue with key decision makers in the Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning. .

Additionally, we are maintaining periodic communications with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, the Indiana Department of Health, and the Commission to better address a host of issues likely to affect this industry in the near future.

Professionalism in EMS means not only providing quality patient care and being responsible for one’s own actions, but also reviewing the actions of others who can directly impact what we do daily. Rather than sit on the sidelines, Association members have taken the opportunities afforded them to be actively involved in working with regulators, legislators and others who will have input into the shape of the future of our profession.

We offer tangible value far greater than the cost of a membership fee including an assortment of benefits, some already in place, with others are being finalized:

Please take a few minutes to look at the list of benefits that a Consolidated IEMSA and squad NAEMT membership can provide.

To be successful IEMSA needs the involvement and support of all its members. Please consider becoming a member  and let your voice be heard today. Our goal is to assist you in your professional development and to secure a working environment that enables all of us to provide the highest level of care possible to the communities we serve.


Nate Metz, Indiana EMS Association President