Individual Membership

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A resident of the State of Indiana and/or an individual who is currently providing emergency medical care and/or ambulance transportation the State of Indiana and who pays annual dues as shall be determined by the Board of Directors, shall become an Active Member of the Association. Only Active Members may be elected to the Board of Directors.

Members will receive the “Value Plan” and receive both the IEMSA and NAEMT for a low cost of $55.00

Student  Free

This is a Free Membership to the IEMSA while attending an Indiana certified EMR, EMT or Paramedic course.  You must have your course number when applying to receive this membership and the course need be in session.

Benefits of “Best Value” IEMSA and NAEMT Agency Membership

  • Automatic membership ($75 value) in the North Central EMS Cooperative (NCEMSC buying Group)
  • A complete online uniform management system and at least 33% discount off retail prices on EMS uniforms from Red the Uniform Tailor.
  • Exclusive member-only prices on products and services from Mac’s Lift Gate.
  • Discounts up to 45% on Keurig Machine and K-Cup packages from Better World Brands.
  • A 10% discount of up to $2,500 on any single purchase from EMS Innovations line of emergency medical supplies
  • Up to a 25% discount on General Communications portable and mobile two-way radios and pagers.
  • Major discounts on AEDs from Cardiac Science: Powerheart G3 AED Pro Package
  • A 35% discount off  retail  on all ClearCollar fully non-adjustable and adjustable adult and pediatric cervical immobilization for a savings of at least $130 per case.
  • A 10% discount each month on billing services (not to exceed $3,000 within a year) from Certified Ambulance Group.
  • A 20% discount from AMBUTRAK on barcode printing and barcode scanning equipment for its Inventory & Asset Management Services.
  • A10% discount of up to $1,500 on purchase of a custom CentreLearn Standard™ or CentreLearn Complete Learning Management system or an annual group subscription to the NAEMT online learning system powered by CentreLearn.
  • A 30% discount (a savings of more than $100) on a case of Hurl-e Emesis Containers when ordering online at or calling 949-610-7433, ext. 1.
  • A 15% discount on an annual print and electronic subscription to Best Practices in Emergency Services.
  • A 20% discount on all Page, Wolfberg & Wirth EMS law books, manuals, compliance guides, video and audio recordings and webinars on EMS law topics such as billing, compliance, personnel management and more.

More Being Added all the time.